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What's In your oils?

Like most people these days, our family and friends have been using and enjoying essential oils for years. Our journey with essential oils began like it has for many others. My wife came home with a couple bottles of essential oils. She proceeded to inform me of all the benefits, uses and how essential oils were going to change our lives!

With a minor background in science and a major in skepticism, I asked her a few questions. How much do they cost? Where is the proof for quality? Are they safe? The only firm answer was on the price and the answer was A LOT! The other questions kept going unanswered as every company I contacted either did not perform quality control on their EO's or if they did have testing done they would not release it to the public. I don't know about you, but my family’s health is paramount and requires transparency from the companies we support. This started me on a quest for pure, safe and reasonably priced essential oils that did not sacrifice on quality.

Pure oils

backed by science

Since then, I have devoted countless hours and performed many Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) tests of essential oils from across the industry. Sadly, I was continually let down as there was anything from synthetic aromas, pesticides, fertilizers and even diethyl phthalates (liquid plastic) found in most essential oils! I could not believe what I was finding again and again.

This brings us to the present. After thoroughly testing essential oils from multiple small producers, distilleries and farm cooperatives I was able to find the pure, quality and safe essential oils I had been looking for all along. My skepticism has turned to faith backed by science. All oils have been GC-MS tested and the reports are listed on the product page. If a company does not supply third party GC-MS reports for an essential oil you are thinking about trying out, it’s pretty simple--don’t buy it!


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blue world naturals!

My hope is that you too can take advantage of the high quality essential oils our family and friends already do! Please feel free to reach out to myself or anyone on the Blue World Naturals team if you need assistance or just want to chat!

In quality and health,

Galen Walter Blue World Naturals