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3 Great Uses for Black Pepper Essential Oil

3 Great Uses for Black Pepper Essential Oil
October 29, 2015 1 comment

Blue World Newsletter

When I first got into the therapeutic essential oils world, the thought of using black pepper oil surprised me and made me giggle. I had an image of having a sneeze attack every time I would open the bottle or use it. I also hate, with a capital “H”, black pepper when cooking. Boy was I wrong! While it definitely does smell like black pepper, it’s such a fresh and spicy scent that is truly invigorating and doesn’t make you sneeze or your eyes water. Also, black pepper oil is actually one of the top 20 most used. It truly is an amazing oil:

1. Muscles:

One reason why black pepper essential oil is so popular is because of how it works on muscles. When you use a couple drops of this diluted oil on your skin, it creates an immediate warming effect. That warming effect is perfect to be used in massages to help relax your muscles.

2. Joints:

This is the other reason why this oil is so popular. People with arthritis or other joint problems swear by black pepper oil. Black pepper oil is also an anti-inflammatory so a couple diluted drops rubbed onto the affected joint area works wonders on that pain.

3. Mind:

Using black pepper oil will definitely put that pep back in your step! One whiff of this in a diffuser immediately wakes me up and sets me on the right path. It completely awakens your senses, and makes you crave a Cesar Salad. This is why you should avoid using this oil before bedtime. No one likes to go to bed peppy and hungry!

Black pepper is wonderful for a wide array of uses to improve your physical well-being and mental clarity. It is best used in a blend with stronger scented oils with similar properties such as, Lavender, Lemongrass, Bergamot, or Clary Sage. Any citrusy or herbal oil with a strong scent will work. Its strength will be stronger defined when mixed. Don’t let the name put you off from trying it. It is one I will always have on my shelf.

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Jeff Craig November 5, 2015 at 10:55 PM
Wow I never thought of using black pepper oil for muscle/joint pain! I will give that a try.