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4 Beard Oils That You Will Love

4 Beard Oils That You Will Love
January 14, 2016 No comments

OK men, over the past couple of weeks we have been hard at work to come up with some great beard oils to make your whiskers feel, look, and smell just as sexy as the rest of your body. We are happy to announce the first of many beard oils to come:

Boost beard oil will invigorate your day with its citrus and peppermint scent. Boost your beard to a whole other level.

Edge is for the competitive man. It's smoky, rustic scents will give you an edge over all others.

Steady is for those who are consistent and comfortable. The smoky, herby scent will keep you looking forward all day long.

Lumberjax Max, need we say more? When you want to send people swooning because you smell like a forest after the rain, we've got you covered.

We guarantee you will love the enticing aromas, and the way it will make your beard look healthy and luscious. You'll have to fight people off to get them to stop running their fingers through your facial hair. Check out our new line up and let us know what you think.

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