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Top 5 Uses For Bergamot Essential Oil

Top 5 Uses For Bergamot Essential Oil
November 1, 2015 No comments

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While bergamot may sound like some sort of funky spice, it is actually a part of the citrus family as a type of orange. 80% of Bergamot citrus produced comes from the coast of Southern Italy. Wouldn’t you just love to see those groves lined up along the coast of the dazzling Ionian Sea? The interesting thing about this fruit is that it is so bitter that it’s practically inedible. The Turkish use it in marmalades since combining it with a ton of sugar if the only thing that makes it taste good. Bergamot is mostly produced to make essential oils. It is commonly used in perfumes, cosmetics, and even to give a citrusy scent to some foods. There are quite a few benefits to using it in the form of a therapeutic oil as well:

1. Stimulant:

When used in a diffuser or applying a couple drops to the skin while showering, it can have refreshing effects on your mind and body. It can also help to lift your mood when you’re feeling a little down and blue. They say that citrus awakens the senses and this certainly proves to be true.

2. Uses for the Skin:

Aside from waking you up when mixed with soap or coconut oil, it will also help to heal your skin and make you hair healthy and shiny. This is because Bergamot has antibacterial properties. Any of the nasty stuff your skin and hair picks up and absorbs throughout the day gets washed right off. It aids in healing fungus which could be causing that itchy, flaky skin, and helps to prevent the future growth of fungus or infections when used regularly.

3. Relaxant:

Not to contradict its use as a stimulant, but Bergamot oil can also be used as a relaxant as well. When you are feeling stressed or depressed your body gets extremely tense. If you massage a couple drops of Bergamot onto those affected areas, if will help to relieve that tension and will promote blood flow. When you get that blood flowing and stimulate your muscles, combined with the relief of that weight being lifted off of you mentally and emotionally, you will sleep better and feel much more relaxed.

4. Healing:

One of the most popular uses of Bergamot is as a cicatrisant, which means to help heal scars or marks caused by wounds. This is why it is so commonly used in cosmetic products and lotions. Bergamot aids in the even distribution of melanin across the skin which will help scars fade after some time.

5. Respiratory:

Bergamot can also be used as an anti-congestive when used in a humidifier or diffuser. If you’re ever feeling stuffy or are having difficulties with allergies, Bergamot is always a go to.

Bergamot is an all use therapeutic essential oil. Not only will it help put that pep in your step, or relax your muscles, it will help you with just about everything in between. And who doesn’t love the bright smell of citrus while trying to lift you up your mood? It will immediately add some sunshine to your day.

One thing that should be noted about the storage of Bergamot is that you must keep it stored away from sunlight. Sunlight can cause the oil to turn faster, thus lessening the affects of it for you. It’s also best to wait to go out in sunlight until it is fully absorbed into your skin if you are using it topically.

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