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Frequently Asked Questions

Making sure that you have all of the information you want or need about our products is one of our top priorities. We believe in 100% transparency and will always take the time to diligently answer all of your questions. If you have a question that is not listed below, please click here to contact us and we will get back to you promptly.

Questions About us:

Are Blue World Naturals essential oils therapeutic grade?

Yes! We are adamant that we only offer you the purest essential oils available. We have searched high and low for the best oils in the “Blue World”! Every oil is sent out to a third party company to do GC/MS testing to ensure the quality of each batch we supply. All of our oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade. We encourage our clients to do any outside testing as we are 100% confident in the quality of the oils we offer.

Does Blue World Naturals perform testing to ensure its purity and quality?

Yes, we send out our oils to an experienced third party lab to do GC/MS testing. These tests provide reports to ensure the purity and potency of each essential oil. We have provided links with the results of these tests for each essential oil on the product pages and in the GC/MS link at the bottom of this page. We source each oil individually from different small farms across the world. Only the best quality will end up in your hands. If we receive results that are below the expectations of 100% pure therapeutic grade oil, we will find a different supplier and have a new batch tested.

What is the return policy for the oils purchased from Blue World Naturals?

We guarantee 100% satisfaction of our products. We offer a 1 year money back/product replacement guarantee, no questions asked, on all of our oils. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase we will go to any length to help resolve any issues. If you have any questions regarding our products please feel free to contact our customer support team via email or by calling one of our customer service representatives at 561-570-6254.


Questions About Our Essential Oils:

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are liquids that are distilled (often by steam) from different parts of a plant (stems, flowers, bark, etc.). These liquids often have a strong fragrance and are highly concentrated components of each specific plant. These oils are what give these plants the natural aroma we often smell.

Do Blue World Naturals Essential Oils contain any pesticides or other contaminants?

At BWN we consider our clients part of our family. The essential oils that we supply to our clients are the same ones that we use every day with our friends and family. It is so important to us that the oils we have for sale only consist of the naturally grown components expected to be derived from these plants/fruits. Our trusted suppliers and farmers provide to us only the highest quality oils available. There are never any harmful chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. used during the growing stages or distillation process to make our oils. During our interview and sourcing process for the best essential oils we were amazed at the amount of contaminants we found. Everything from plasticizers, fossil fuels and even “unknown contaminants” showed up in what was being sold as a pure essential oil. Our promise to both our clients and ourselves is that pure means pure!  
Please refer to the GC/MS reports to view the break down of naturally occurring components of each essential oil we have for sale.

How do you use essential oils?

Here are just a few ways to use essential oils:

Baths - Add a few drops of EO’s to a warm bath. There are many benefits that you can receive from this method including (but not limited to) alleviate stress and anxiety.

Diffusers - This is a great way to easily enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.  Just add a few drops of your favorite oil/oils to a diffuser along with water. Be sure to follow the directions according to each individual machine.

Massages - Dilute one of your favorite therapeutic oils with one of our carrier oils available for sale. The combination of touch therapy as well as the therapeutic benefits from the oils makes this one of our favorite methods of use!

Can you take essential oils internally?

We label our products for “external use only” due to regulation and liability requirements. All of our oils are therapeutic grade and contain no contaminants or pesticides. All of these oils are highly concentrated and some may have the capacity to cause serious damage when ingested or used without dilution. In most cases essential oils are much more effective when used dermally.  
Caution should always be taken when first using an oil. We want our clients to always be safe, happy and healthy! Always apply a test drop topically before using in large quantities.

Can you use essential oils while pregnant?

It is always suggested to check with your family physician before using any essential oil while pregnant. Certain oils may stimulate different hormones or bodily reactions that could possibly be harmful during pregnancy. However, we do go to great lengths to ensure our products are of the highest quality and some oils may be beneficial if used correctly (often through diffusers or direct inhalation).

Do essential oils have an expiration date? (Production date is on the bottle)

We label each essential oil bottle with a production date. Most essential oils will be good for many years after this date. Citrus oils have a shorter shelf life of approximately 1-2 years while other oils actually improve with age. We suggest storing all oils out of direct sunlight and in a cool, room temperature for the best life span.

How should I store my essential oils?

We suggest you store your essential oils out of direct sunlight and in a cool, room temperature environment for the longest life span.

What are the dilution rates for Blue World Naturals essential oils?

Each essential oil may be different for the dilution rate. We suggest as a general rule of thumb, dilute most essential oils intended for topical use with a 3-5% dilution rate. There are certain oils, such as tea tree (melaleuca oil) and lavender that are often safe for “neat” application/undiluted application. However oils such as peppermint, oregano, clove and cinnamon are considered “hot oils” and should be diluted with a higher ratio carrier oil. Please do your research before diluting and applying any of these oils topically. And as always please try a test spot on your skin before you proceed with a larger topical application.


Questions About Carrier Oils:

What is a carrier oil?

A carrier oil is often used to dilute an essential oil for topical use. Carrier oils are extracted from the fatty portion of plants, often from the seeds or nuts. These oils often have little to no smell.

How should I store my carrier oils once I have purchased them?

Carrier oils should be stored in a cool, dark, dry place. Often in a cabinet is an ideal place.  Some may store these oils in the refrigerator (if room permits) however this is not a necessity.

What is the shelf life of carrier oils?

Carrier oils typically last approximately one year if stored correctly.